Elevate your Tesla experience with TeslaMate

TeslaMate is a revolutionary software that allows Tesla owners to track and extract data from their vehicles like never before. Developed using the programming language Elixir coupled to a Postgres database, TeslaMate is a self-hosted data logger that provides a wealth of information about your Tesla. With the ability to visualize and analyze data using Grafana, and publish vehicle data to a local MQTT broker, TeslaMate is a must-have tool for any Tesla owner looking to maximize their experience with their electric vehicle.

TeslaMate offers a wide range of features to help Tesla owners track and extract data from their vehicles. With high precision drive data recording and automatic address lookup, TeslaMate provides detailed and accurate information about every aspect of your Tesla's performance. It supports multiple vehicles per Tesla account for those who own more than one electric vehicle. TeslaMate is also designed to minimize vampire drain, ensuring that your car falls asleep as soon as possible to conserve energy. In addition, it includes charge cost tracking.

Setting up TeslaMate on my Raspberry Pi using Docker was a breeze thanks to the clear and comprehensive documentation provided on the TeslaMate website. It took only a few minutes to get the software up and running, and I was impressed by how easy it was to follow the instructions and complete the installation process.

Overall, my experience setting it up and tracking the data through the default dashboards was extremely positive, and I would highly recommend this setup to other Tesla owners looking to track and extract data from their vehicles. For more information about TeslaMate, be sure to visit the official GitHub repository at https://github.com/adriankumpf/teslamate.