Feedback on glasses

Feedback on glasses

There are a few weeks I wrote about my new Gunnar glasses. I also said in the same article that I would write a feedback on my experience. The schedule has been pretty loaded these days, I finally give you this return today.

The first day at work I spent with the glasses was eventful, between the colleagues asking you what it is, others who know, but want to test, or those who ask if I beaten up JCVD to collect his glasses ... Appraisal, color glasses does not go unnoticed, at-all!

Having no vision problems and not being accustomed to wearing glasses, it took me several weeks to get used to moving my head every time I want to switch from one screen to another and to have a huge square frame restraining my vision.

In short I can not wear those glasses in non-static contexts type car, walking, sport ... However, in a fully static environment where my eyes are fixed and that the environment is neither moving nor distorted it is perfect. The amber lenses are very pleasant and the slight zoom provided by the glasses is nice. These two factors alone have significantly limited my headaches and eyestrain. For graphic works, CSS and image processing, I can get by without problems with the glasses, but I always performs validation without glasses by habit.

I also tested on TV and the result is the same, it's not bad. By cons, if you watch a movie/documentary and the colors are really important, don't watch the movie or don't use the glasses. I also tested on 3D movies and it works correctly, but again brought two pairs of glasses on one nose... For reading, the zoom only is convenient, but not essential.

To conclude this test, these glasses are really nice for long usage screen. It is not nice at-all for other uses and in any case not designed for this purpose. I realize now 90% of my screen time with my pair of glasses and I do not plan to stop using it.