Gunnar, glass for the IT guys

Gunnar, glass for the IT guys

Gunnar is a brand that sells glasses for people who spend a considerable screen time. This brand is behind lens technology that reduce eye fatigue while enhancing contrast and upgrades your concentration and performance. Moreover, they filter harmful blue light screens. At least that's how it is sold.

Spending a lot of screen time (at over ten hours a day between work, telephone and personal activities) I thought that it would not be a bad idea to preserve my eyes. I have therefore bought a pair in order to test and get an idea.

I received my pair today I ordered online. Having ordered Saturday night, glasses went in the mail by Monday and arrived on Wednesday.

The glasses are pretty good, although made in China, their qualities seem good at first (to be confirmed in a month). The port is rather pleasant, glasses play their roles in mitigating the blue and making everything look yellow. You get used to after a few minutes. The screen contrast is otherwise improved, it's very comfortable for reading, remains to be seen if it's nice for coding or play. The glasses also apply a slight zoom, and this is the only point that I find annoying yet. Either I'm not used to that, or they mistakenly put me glasses with a correction ....

I will test these glasses during the coming weeks and make returns on what happens in practice. I think firstly have only used on screens and then see what it can give in the car, in class, outdoor or even at sport.

The great question is, how people will perceive the amber lenses?