People that inspire me

People that inspire me

Many people inspire me, some are famous, others have changed the world, it reflect in some of personal choices. I wanted to share with you my sources of inspiration and how it impacted me. It goes through altruism, creativity, inventiveness, intelligence ...

Richard stallman

Richard Matthew Stallman,often known by his initials, RMS, he is a computer programmer and a software freedom activist. He is the founder of the GNU (GNU's Not Unix) and FSF (free Software Foundation).

Although sometimes extreme on some points it embodies and upholds the ethical spirit of hacker. When I say here hacker, do not take the highly crappy definition of the news, they'll will tell you that it's all about the big bad guy (Black Hat), rather see it as a computer subculture that combines excellence, skill and exploration in the activities carried out.

For more information about the character and state of mind, here's a very interesting conference, it allows to get a more precise idea of what he stands for.

Iris Classon

Iris Classon is a Norwegian developer holds an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in C # for years. Today very involved in the development community, she was not predestined at this because initially a dietician. She took a year to change a got her first MVP 6 months later.

Capacity for change and adaptation, and unfailing passion, that person is a real source of inspiration.

After some health issues, she is no longer online. Hoping to see her up soon.

Julien Dollon

Julien Dollon is a software engineer and Men / projects manager. Among others, he participated in the development of Windows, Xbox, Office, and Microsoft Surface, he works today at Amazon AWS. He also founded the certification Think as an engineer.

Of French origin, he left teh contry after is studies to work in the united states where he get the opportunity to integrate two of the five most influential technology companies in the world (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft).

On his blog he shares many returns of experiences on dev but also management and many tips.

John Resig

John Resig is a talented JavaScript developer, is the creator of jQuery and the author of Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the Ninja JavaScript.

Lea Verrou

Lea Verrou is a computer engineer, author and speaker, originally from Greece. She wrote a book on CSS to O'Reilly, worked for W3C/MIT, given over 60 conferences worldwide, published several open source projects ...

Dennis Ritchie

To me, he his the dad's stuff. He is the creator of the C language and he is the co-developer (with Ken Thompson) of the Unix system. Without him, computing as it exists today would not be.