PHPixie, a magic framework

PHPixie, a magic framework

Behind the name of fairies and a rather girly logo hides a PHP lightweight, fast, efficient and easy handling framework. The code is clean and very well documented and if you're curious or need to see how it works, you will see that it is a real pleasure.

The framework follows the MVC pattern, no template engine by default but it is possible to add a module for HAML templates and Twig. To install, nothing more simple, a shot on phpixie/project on Composer and voila.

For those who do not know, Composer is a dependency manager for PHP projects, it can easily get the latest release of a project in the form of package, to update, delete, and also generate the dependency graph allowing you to overcome the require and include with the autoload functions.

PHPixie also benefits from its own ORM which is quite well done and effective, a routing service requests, documentation updates, a series of tutorials for grip and an active community.

For modules include authentication, cache management, a version control for databases, sending mail, image editing, form validation and paging.

For my part I use it as part of a new project and I'm not disappointed, this is the perfect alternative for small projects where a Symfony or Zend is useless or too heavy.

The project is available on GitHub so it is quite possible to add the brick building. You will find all information on the framework's site.