Humble bundle

Humble bundle

Humble Bundle is a website that will allow you to legally get games for cheap and in addition to a good deed. The principle is simple, the site offers a game packs for different platforms. Some packs are available longer than others so you have to check it Occasionally to get the good deal. A pack is provided by a studio and there are several of his games (more or less recent). Two other games are available for those who put a certain amount of money.

There is no fee, they are donations. The minimum value is $ 1and there is no ceiling. To unlock two bonus games, it usually provide $ 5 to $ 6, which makes you 8 games for $ 6 should be a bit less than € 4.50. You then divide this sum among the studio that developed the game, the site Humble Game, and two charity, knowing that you can put somme to zero. For example let's say I decide to pay for $ 20, I can choose to donate $ 10 to the studio, $ 9 to the Red Cross and $ 1 to the site.

You then receive one or more Steam key. You'll just have to add them, download and play.

In terms of packs, if I understood there a monthly pack and a weekly pack so go make a small tour once a week.

For the monthy pack head this way and for the weekly pack this one.