Steam on Linux

Steam on Linux

It's been 2 years since Steam is available on Linux operating systems. Fifty titles were available at launch, more than 500 last year and this year nearly a thousand today. Even the big publishers are interested with headlines such as:

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • The Witcher 2
  • BioShock Infinite
  • Civilisation
  • Divinity: Original Sin

The long list is available here: [Steam games compatible](https://steamdb. info/linux/).

This trend is related to the announcement of SteamOS by valve. Developers wanting to run their game under SteamOS must provide Linux compatibility. The main game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine ...) and even smaller as Esenthel Engine have already taken the leap; It is now game developers to make the effort to bring their game.

In my opinion, Linux is not yet able to dethrone Windows in the world of PC gaming, but for users of free systems is an unquestionable victory. If [Steam Machines] ( arrives to take their takeoffs were then can finally enjoy the best games on the best platforms. But for that we will have to wait to November 2015.

Good meanwhile it is still possible to use WineHQ or PlayOnLinux but it's still emulation and performance are not always terrible. Whereas with Steam at least, is native.