Cakephp 3, what's new

CakePHP is an MVC framework written in PHP. It was created 10 years ago in 2005 and is still updated and used by many. It takes it's inspiration in many Ruby on Rails concepts. The third major version of the framework is at the time being still under development as a release candidate. It uses PHP 5's namespaces and objects model and comes with a full PSR-2 integration, so you can use it even more easily. Plus you can now use composer to keep it up to date. The ORM has been rebuilt from scratch. It's now object oriented and way better than the previous one. It does change a lot of things but trust me, it's for the best.

I used the 2.x version for the previous version of this site and the clearday's one keep running under it. For the new version (the one you're using right now) I took the CakePhp 3 version and gave it a try. The structure and the concepts remains the same, but the whole code needed to be rebuilded from almost scratch.

Never the less, it as been pretty quick to rebuild. I took me a while because I wasn't 100% on it, but I guess it represent about 20 hours of work in total. Also greate community, greate documantation and did I mentionned they are on GitHub now ?

It's good and rare for a project of this age to keep improving, make new version and keep racing the new frameworks. It has all the features of frameworks like Fuel, Synphony or Laravel plus a 10 years experience on the market.