Mva learn and master your skills.

Mva learn and master your skills.

MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) is a platform provided by Microsoft to take online training courses for free. The courses are numerous and cover the technologies of the editor and are available in 12 different languages, including French. The courses are open to both beginners and experienced. All professions are represented with courses dedicated system administrators, other to developers and even some for designers.

The major themes are:

  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Development of mobile applications,
  • Virtualization,
  • Device Management enterprise,
  • Server Infrastructure.

More than two million members benefit courses for only over 28 000 in France. You can manage your training curriculum by selecting the formations to realize. You also get points for having completed a course. At about 100 points per formation I wonder how some comes to 15 000 points ...

This system is interesting in the sense that it pushes you to go further and to never stop learning. Often said "those who succeed never stopped learning." and I think that's true.

At the end of the course you receive a certificate of good monitoring of training, it is a PDF document you can reuse to justify the formation at a job interview or for your personal pride.

Beyond that. Courses are also well made, they are in video format and produced by one or more experts. For example, the course on PowerShell is directed by Jeffrey Snover its creator. The courses are divided into chapters, each of them has a video , a course in ppt format and a final test. Each relates a number of points and you need all the assets to get a 100% training.

In short, I can only encourage you to take a look, anyway it's free.