Write your documents with LaTeX

Write your documents with LaTeX

And no, this article has nothing to do with the sap of the hevea. This is a programming language for generating structured documents. It was created by Leslie Lamport in 1983 as an evolution of the TeX language widely used in science.

It is a language that I use to write all my documents. This allows to produce structured documents and separate tools for word processing. These tools have complex procedures, primarily related to the use of the mouse, which greatly slow the time of drafting a document.

The learning curve is quite short on the one hand with a complete documentation but also thanks to its widespread use by science. It is easy to find tutorials dealing with various cases that you might encounter.

This is a compiled language, it turns LaTeX code files into PDF documents readable on almost all machines. This compiler is available in the following MiKTeX under Windows and the Linux package texlive.

About editors, there are a lot of them, even if a simple notepad may be sufficient. for my part TexMaker which is developed in C + + with Qt and is compatible with the following platforms: Linux, macosx and Windows.