Web Essentials, web coding with Visual Studio

If you regularly use Visual Studio for your web development, you've probably realized that it is clearly not the greatest ally, even with the improvements brought over versions.

Fortunately, there is a plug-in "Web Essentials" which is compatible with Visual Studio 2013 and backward compatible with versions 2012 and 2010 that fills some gaps such as zen-coding for HTML, LESS support, integration JSHint the minification of javascript files but also HTML and css, grouping sources into a common bundle and many others.

The top in all this is that the project is open source and available on GIT, so you can participate in its development by cloning on your machine and installing the Visual Studio SDK provided by Microsoft.

You will find all necessary information on the project site or download the latest version here. Remember that it is also possible to subscribe to nighty updates to enjoy the latest additions and corrections before others.