1024 Time to provide an update

1024 Time to provide an update

This item will be associated with a tweet that will be my 1024'th (ReTweet included). I am currently in 1023 (which luckily is 2013, if we reverse the 1 and 2) tweets and I'm pretty proud, firstly because it's a good number of tweets but mainly because this symbolic number that is large enough and you already use regularly without knowing.

To understand we must first learn to count in base 2. This also called binary base number system is a compound of two elements, the zero and one, and that as the base 10 is composed of 10 elements from zero to nine. It is recommended to prefix 0b binary representation not to be confused with a decimal representation. To represent two binary we write 0b10 and 0b11 for three, four 0b100 and so on. The binary code is widely used in electronics, the 1 representing the passage of an electric current and 0 is the reverse state . It is then possible to perform logic operations with these elements using Boolean algebra. Computer data are also stored in binary bit is a binary unit (0 or 1), Byte (Octet in French) is a set of 8 bits. Going bytes represent numbers from 0 to 255.

Now that we know it all, you should know that just like other units, the sign is added to the symbol K to represent thousand elements so 1000 meters are equal to 1km. But the fact is that computers does not use base 10 but base 2 so this limit is not 1000 but 1024, 1KB is not equal to 1000 bytes, but 1024 bytes.

Back on topic, if I am now 1,023 tweets, the next will not 1024'th but 1K tweets, but as they are not counted in base 2 it will not happen, too bad. In the same kind of thinking there is also the annual day programmers corresponding to 256ième day of the year.

So I chose to wait this opportunity to make a point about my advanced and those of the site.

The website

For those who come regularly, you may have seen some changes lately, the site design has evolved, highlighting the blog and articles. Each article is now linked to other similar articles allowing for easier navigation. The number of daily visits also increased in that is a sign of better SEO and a growing interest in the topics I discuss. However, the comment system in place does not seem to take off, I will try to assist the community in future articles. It is also now possible to read all the articles on the site on your Kindle with the new "Send to Kindle" on the social networking button bar. Finally the advertising that appeared on the site, I chose VShop for ease of integration and discretion. If you do not like you, nothing forces you to click on, or prevent you from installing Ad Block.


There is a year I published an article about the goals I want to achieve in 2013. I thought I'd point the following year, as the year is almost over and that this article is also a good opportunity to talk about so allons-y. As a reminder, the following objectives:

  • Goal 1 : Participate in a contest of archery.
  • Goal 2 : Learning to develop for Windows Phone 8.
  • Goal 3 : Submit a playable online version of Clearday.
  • Goal 4 : Develop a multilingual version of this site (French, English).
  • Goal 5 : Be able to hold a simple discussion in Polish (and yes I still learning).
  • Goal 6 : Improve my knowledge in 3D development.
  • Goal 7 : Play Runnin' Wild from Airbourne, Wish I Had an Angel from Nightwish and Born to raise hell from Motörhead on guitar.
  • Goal 8 : Learn a new programming language (Python and / or Perl?)
  • Goal 9 : Become batman.

For the first objective, it is done with a not too yucky result for a first competition, it remains good after a lot of work to do to be on the podium but it is in progress. For the second objective, having opted for an Android device earlier this year, it was not easy to thoroughly test this, I still made several tutorials and created a small application, but not enough to say I know developing for Windows Phone applications, so it is a failure for this part. For the third goal, I will explain what happened in the rest of the article but it is also a failure even though I really rather this one not to be. For multilingual website done and Polish it progresses fairly well, learning is hard, I'd probably an article on the solutions available online in the month. For knowledge development in 3D it's a success, I worked hard math used in engines and make some progress with Direct X. For the guitar, there is a critical failure, I did not work at all, at least not regularly enough, the jerk I go backwards and I repeat the same thing every time , not very motivating ... programming language level, I have perfected my skills in Java and J2EE and I am able to read the assembler without too many problems which is extremely handy when doing debugging in low languages level, however not being able to write I remain neutral on this objective.

Otherwise I'm still Rennes citizen who can count in twos and tie his shoes and can now eat steak with his pasta. I also realized during the year at working as a form programmer or a human debugger does not suit me at all. This is also why I intend to go further in my studies to avoid having to do this all life long. I also know now that it's the internal design and the technical part of the software i'm interested in. I notice that the more I learn high languages the more boredom, and this is also why I make my personal projects in C + + and I'm having a debugging assembler, because there is a real challenge technique. I'm not saying that Java , C #, VB.NET type languages are zero or useless, they do their job as well as others lowest level languages, but the level of stimulation and fulfillment felt by the programmer is it not the same.

Regarding the Clearday project, there is another reason which is that of curiosity. To create Clearday we use an engine named Esenthel Engine that manages the graphics and allows me to focus on the game play, which is really a good thing when working on a video game. But my curiosity led me to wonder what code was executed in this method, how the engine was operating it. So I started to create my pieces of code on my side so that I can understand the real engine operation. The time I spent on these discoveries and research, I have not spent on the development of the game Even though the game has changed a lot this year, it is not mature enough to be made available.

So much for the small end point of the year. Let's see what the future holds.