You shall not pass! Secure your accounts

You have one for Facebook, one for your mail, another for instant messaging, they are there to prevent anyone from accessing your personal information. However, this is the password that is most often the weakest link in the business of piracy. Recently, the company Adobe responsible, among other things of the developpement of Photoshop , has its database stolen, it contains emails and encrypted passwords of users. Although these passwords are encrypted and reading them is very complex, some experts are able to decode the information. Here you can see the top 100 passwords found, and it is sad to discover that the password "123456" is used by a little less than 2 million people. Hello security!

If you have any doubt about the security of your password you can test it on the site "howsecureismypassword". The site will estimate the time it will take to decrypt your password and will give you tips for finding the most secure passwords. A secure password is good, but a multitude of passwords is better. And yes, because if you have the same password everywhere, once it is discovered for a site, it's all your other accounts up in smoke. Of course with new technology there are more account everywhere and it becomes hard to remember the password for each one of them. I will not tell you to write it in a notepad, since it would be to write your security code on your credit card, I'm going to advise you to use a tool to manage your passwords securely.

KeePass is a small program that allows you to manage passwords and encrypt them, so you have more than a single great password to remember to open the software and then you can access freely to your passwords for your different accounts. It works like a notepad, with the advantage that it is completely unreadable by anyone other than you. KeePass is available on Windows but also on Mac OS X and Linux. There are also mobile versions. Well, now you can use a site like to generate world colosal passwords.

You can download the latest version of KeePass for Windows by clicking on the link or get the Linux and Mac OS X version by clicking another link.