Cubieboard2, mini pc for 50 €

Cubieboard2, mini pc for 50 €

The Cubieboard is a nano-computer as the RaspberyPi, delivered in the form of a card 10cm by 6cm and equipped with a SOC A20 processor supported by 1GB of RAM and a 4GB ROM, it is a tool perfect for a little fun.

If you want the technical specifications you can go on a tour here, overall it is a tablet configuration plus a small PC connectivity. One can easily make a server, a media center or even use in embedded electronics. Several Linux distributions are compatible, but it is also possible to put an Android. It is found on the internet for about $ 59 00 a little less than 44 €.

For my part I had installed a XBMC connected via HDMI 1080p on my TV rendering was not bad at all. Of course it's still small equipment, so do not expect to pass a big MKV HD or 3D movie because you will inevitably have latencies. So, I made an Ubuntu server that I use for my needs as a programmer. I mounted a drive that points to my NAS and I've installed Apache, MySQL and SVN server.![cubieboard2_cut_grande.png](high.png)

It responds perfectly to this purpose, it is responsive and powerful enough to use that I have and it has a negligible power consumption. To browse the web, do email and word processing, again this is a faultless performance of the unit's more than sufficient.

However, you must do a lot of things yourself. The community is small and sparse documentation. For insiders and Linux enthusiasts.