Create a website with Bracket

Create a website with Bracket

Bracket is an open source code editor, created by designers and developers for designers and front-end developers. The editor developed by Adobe is optimized for programming with HTML, CSS and Javascript and is itself developed with these languages.

The code editor est very lightweigth and perfectly functionnal for the creation of user interfaces. It is possible to go flawlessly from HTML to refered CSS or JavaScript without leaving the HTML code or line you were working on. It can also easily be bound to your navigator and disply all your modifications in real time. It's also possible to switch from navigator to code just by clicking on the element.

If you're missing functionnalities, you still can install somme plugins that'll make your life easier or even create your own. For my part I installed wich enable Zen Coding.

If you do web design or you develop rich interfaces in JavaScript, it is a tool that I recommend you to try. However, if you want to program in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, in short all the other things of the front end, I would not recommend it because this tool is just not made for it and you will lose more time than you'll win.

For those wishing to read the code, to change or make them fork the project on GitHub. It is of course also possible to download the software at: