CODIAD, The online code editor.

CODIAD, The online code editor.

You know what it is, you are somewhere, you have this idea that comes to mind, this piece of code that will revolutionize the world and you do not have access to your PC to write it and backup. You've probably experienced this unpleasant moment. Me first, I can not sit around doing nothing, so I cogitate. In short, as I do not have access to my PC by remote desktop and any way it can not be in some places (proxy rule of Network Security ...), so I looked for a solution.

The solution I found is Codiad. It is a multi-language IDE based on web technology. There are many others but this one has the advantage of working with Apache / PHP. The tool is free and open-source, so it is up to you to do whatever you want. Personally I use it on my Apache development server and it works flawlessly.

![codiad editor params.jpg](high.jpg)

Like any self-respecting IDE, Codiad can install plugins that will allow you to enjoy a terminal access to your server to create deployment scripts or work several on the same document and see the changes by your colleague in real time. Projects are stored on the web server and it is possible to add plugins to synchronize your project with SVN or GIT.

It is also possible to create multiple user accounts and assign them projects. Each user can then customize his editor (sets of colors, font size etc ...). It is also possible to manage new extensions by assigning the desired language, in my case, I was able to affect the extension *. ctp used in CakePhp for views in PHP. For those who like to automate everything, it is also possible to create custom actions that go execute shell commands, so it is easy to create a script and add it to a menu (for example, click right on the project).

I am letting you try by yourself.