Programmers 's humor

Everyday they are changing the web and creating the software of tomorrow, they speak more languages than most linguists and mastered the technology of yesterday and tomorrow. I offer two website that I highly appreciate, if you also are a developer I think you will like it, and if you're not, I hope it will make you laugh.

The first site is called "the code love" it takes in the form of animated pictures the different situations that developers may encounter. It contains the best as the first compilation of a project, as the worst like bug fixes or even customer deliveries bullshit ends.

The second site is "Commit Strip" is a small comic that contains news related contents rants or just office life with a dash of humor. The title itself is a joke for a developer, the commit action is to save the changes made in the code to put into production (a comicstrip being a BD).

If all this makes you want to know more, or even learn how to code, I have some advice for you.