Clearday - The news

Clearday - The news

Hi everybody

It's been a while since I have not given any sign of life, it does not mean I'm dead, far from it, between work, classes and projects, the rest has been rare. I will make a small tour of the developments Clearday had during this period.

To begin with we updated the online website, with a new version (and yes one more), a new design and a new multi-language interface. You can go and have a look at:

Then there has been a lot of changes in the game Thomas has made a lot of new models and redesigned some of the maps. From a code perspective, this summer I worked on code optimizations, in order to have a more reactive game, some more optimalisations in networking communications, fixed some bugs and finally added support for dialogues.

The dialogues are a milestone in the development of the game, as this is the last major technical architecture that we needed to implement. Now we can focus on the implementation of the background story.

We advance at our amateurs pace towards a closed BETA version. About it, the first registered of the site will be served first, in the early stages of testing we can not host too many players at once, so we will send the invitations by order of registration. Sign up now on the site, we will introduce a topic called client download available to testers. NB : The beta will be in french.