Resolutions 2013

The resolution of 2013 will definitely be 4K (4096 by 2160 pixels), but to me it will be the good old 1080p (1920 by 1080 pixels).

Okay, joking aside. I'm not talking about resolutions for the year because the word has too much sense (see dictionary Larousse), I'm going to talk about targets. At the end of the year I would do a little review of all this.

  • Goal 1 : Participate in a contest of archery.
  • Goal 2 : Learning to develop for Windows Phone 8.
  • Goal 3 : Submit a playable online version of Clearday.
  • Goal 4 : Develop a multilingual version of this site (French, English).
  • Goal 5 : Be able to hold a simple discussion in Polish (and yes I still learning).
  • Goal 6 : Improve my knowledge in 3D development.
  • Goal 7 : Play Runnin' Wild from Airbourne, Wish I Had an Angel from Nightwish and Born to raise hell from Motörhead on guitar.
  • Goal 8 : Learn a new programming language (Python and / or Perl?)
  • Goal 9 : Become batman.

Nine targets to be kept for a busy year, follow me this year and see how it would stick together.