Well you have understood, this article will talk about the universe Geek (pronounced Guik not jik). But first of all I'll have to give some definitions of different words that I will use here because I noticed for some time that the "Geekattitude" became a kind of fashion and everyone wants to join.

Being a Geek is not seeing the Star Wars and Lord of the rings extended version, or to have a Facebook account or even less know how to use a web browser. I have often heard the phrase "I'm too much of a geek!" out of context I think it means nothing. By the way, Geek would claim himself as one. So what is it to be geek? In my opinion the Geek is a dangerous psychopath who feeds a strong passion for technology, they are cutting into several sub-categories.


The first category of techie I describe and that I love because I am, the coders. These people usually have a very discreet but do understand what is happening in your machine. It is thanks to these people that we are now able to do so many things.

In second place is the Tuxien. It is addicted to the world of free software and an undisputed enemy of Micro $ oft. If you tell him that your computer is running Windows Vista, you expect a monumental crisis which might lead you to install a Linux distribution.


We then find the Gamer. You can not miss it and you know at least one. He excels in all the video games he plays. One of the number one enemy of the above-category because he only using Windows. We also notice a complete lack of computer skills in this specimen. He is constantly looking for opponent including NOOBs to prove his superiority. Warning, this character has a great ability to "taunt".

In fourth place we find the Roleplayer and fan of science fiction. This is the real fanatic. Do not dare ask him who is Robin Hobb or Spock. It has a perfect mastery of Sindarin (Elvish language of Middle-earth) and Klingon (the language of the Klingon Empire in Star Trek) both written and oral. You can often meet him in costume to go see a movie / convention.


Then we find the undisputed master of the material. The computer, console and so on top of it can remove and make it better. The semiconductor is his passion and he always has a solution to all problems. An extraordinary friend to have.

I finish with the black sheep in this. The well-known to all, The Kevin. It may be your brother or even you. Addicted to WOW and Counter Strike holds the top of his 12 years of absolute knowledge, well at least according to him. In reality he knows less than gamer. It has the inherent ability to slay the meaning of any sentence with a language that even the user of SMS does not decrypt. Be nice to him otherwise he will hack onto your computer (yes, really ...).

So here, a well mixed results and a very important issue. Where are the women? And yes the Geek community is too thinly populated by woman. I'm not talking about Gerard bearded unemployed who from his 105 Kilos make fun of your credulity but real women. It is a lack of population leads to a fear of the female by the Geek. And if unfortunately, the ladies reveal their true identity, they have the advantage of a great stir curiosity and quickly become the Holy Grail for the one who discovered her. If you come across one (not called Gerard), take care of her.

Now we come to the famous Geek object. By definition this is the thing that will by its nature be absolutely useless but essential to own. Take for example the replica lightsabers star wars, and I'm not talking about those that make light and play sound because it can at least play with, I am not talking about thoses swords that do nothing more than to be extremely expensive and to be placed on a shelf.The designers do not lack imagination and invent every day of the TOP GEEK object such as this box that has no utility. But really no, because it's not even a box.

Now that we know what we are talking about, I'll get to the point. I count myself among the geeks in general and particularly oders (self-proclaimed). So I decided to offer you a small list of items quintessential geek who will salivate over a.

I'll start with the T-shirts, you probably already have some ideas of the good old T-shirts geek such as "I'm a geek" or "Video games ruined my life, I still have two." Although these T-shirts are frankly goods and I already have a nice collection of them, I am not going to talk about it. I will talk about T-shirts2.0 also called interactive T-shirts. Some are simple to display a smiley and change depending on your mood, but some go further as you can see in this video.

After the clothes, I'm going to talk about food. You probably remember the series of quick sandwicsh for the release of the remastered version of The Phantom Menace. You can find candy star wars, Wii, Mario, of course, but that's not all, you will find cakes themed video games, movies, electronics. If you like lego creations look at the Big Daddy Nelson website who reviewed the sushi. You will also find chicken USB key and many more.


And now it is the turn of gadgets and games, and it is not what is missing and there is something for all tastes. Tetris fans will find a board game of a new kind combining the basic principle of this game and chess. For fans of minecraft, you can now play it on your fridge with these magnets. In such changing existing games, you've probably played TicTacToe game, there are three-dimensional version. Speaking of three dimensions we find eternal rubiks cube, but it is also interesting to ask what would happen if we added a dimension, of course, such an object does not exist but the computer allows many things (Warning JAVA).