Clearday, one step forward

Clearday, one step forward

You all remember Clearday? For those who still do not know it is a multi-player online game type RPG (role playing) that I develop with Thomas Guilbert. For several years we working on the topic and it must be said that so far there is nothing very interesting output. Our biggest mistake was using the games engine Realm Crafter for 3 years which is great for creating a simple game and do it quickly, but when it comes to performance and originality you can forget because the engine is very restrictive, all the games coming out of this engine are the same. We then deported on Esenthel engine which is a simple game engine It also means more code to achieve. Here we work in C + + with more interesting performances and you are free to do what we want.

Development with Esenthel began last year with the sources and models provided with the engine. But for performance and technicals reasons whe started to build our own code model. The technical architecture is now done and we need to add the game play layer. The graphical user interface is also far from over, we need to make it look better and manage all the options availlable. The non playing character can now move properly without getting stuck in a wall and defend in case odf attack. If the character is too week he will call for help.

If youtube is not your friend, you can download the vidéo from here.

Regarding the graphical environment is currently blocked. We work with the models provided by default and some creations of Thomas (mainly buildings).

As for the site, we made the choice a few months ago to change his address. It is now available at: A new version of it will soon be available, it will manage its gaming account. The points system will also be replaced and will give you access to items and in game bonus.

I'll end this article with some screenshots showing you the current in game appearance, although you should not focus too much on it because graphical elements are far from complete.