Xbox crisis

I finally made a choice, my next console will be a xbox 360. I know this is a little late, especially as rumors peddled a new generation of Xbox next year. I began to search the net to find a used functional console at a reasonable price. After contacting several web-citizens, the package comes complete (console, power supply, controller, game). I unpack, I connect, I run ...

The console has been reset, I create a profile and start a game after a few minutes the display freeze and the console does not respond to anything. I restart it and facing the legendary error of xbox 360, the RROD (Red Ring Of Dead). I contacted the seller who assures me that he played on the same console a few hours before packing and it was functional. Transport terse or dishonest seller, I would probably never know. The console from 2007 and can not be guaranteed, I started searching the net for a solution.![xbox-360-rrod.jpg](1-content.jpg)

The issue is well known and forums are full of solutions. The failure was due to the rupture of a microwelding on a memory component of the console. The first solution is to disconnect the cooling system of the console and start to heat it and luckily recover galling. 40 minutes later, I raise the console after cooling. It starts without asking any questions, and I run the game that is in the drive. I play a good quarter of an hour to find me again before the same error.

The next day I applied a second solution found on a forum. It is the caller memories console and reinforce the ventilation system of the console to prevent the memories move. A quick heating (method 1) and is returned on the test bench. As time passes, I continue to play without problem. The system is stable and does not seem too hot. A small effective tip that can save a console with a shot in the wing.