Paris Games Week 2012

After a successful 2010 vintage and 2011, the Paris Games Week decided to open its doors again from 31 October to 4 November for a third edition. The show will be held in Paris near Versailles and host stands professional video games. Not only game developers like Activision, EA, Ubisoft ... but also the designers of equipment such as bigben, razer and many others. Console manufacturers will of course be there, with the announced presence of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sonny. There is also a high probability that the Wii U will be exposed and testable.

The best players in the world will also be present to compete in the tournament ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup). The games will be televised Online course on the site of the ESWC, but nothing beats the atmosphere of a live good match.

For those people seeking training in the middle of the video game, some schools usually take a stand. In particular, I view the last year the school Créajeux from Nîmes well that made me drool with his game programmer training.

If you are a gamer, fan of video game or even casual player, it is an event that I highly recommend. For more information I suggest you follow their twitter feed and mine at the same time;).