Esenthel Engine

Esenthel Engine

Esenthel Engine is a game engine developed by the Polish Grzegorz SLAZINSKI. It is an engine that I use now for over a year and with whom I developed UnNamed project and I develop Clearday. The engine is complete and allows an independent passionate to create a good video games.

The engine offers libraries that are available in C + + allows you great flexibility in terms of possibilities. The libraries are well documented (in English) and SDK (Source Development Kit) comes with nearly 120 tutorials covering all the features in a concrete example. You also have the option to download the source code of a project type shooter named bloody massacre, allowing you to better understand the operation of the engine.


If you have some money to invest you can also pay a license, awarding you the right to access the source code of a part of the engine (depending on the chosen license), and source code for various projects demo. Among the demo projects, you will find a draft RPG kind enough full highlighting various aspects of the engine, a second draft is available MORPG highlighting network management by the engine, there is a third project called Inesis online which is a project of a larger scale.

Warning the various projects proposed with the engine are very simple, I take the example project MORPG, I analyzed the project code before I Clearday in and I chose to redevelop the entire server and client because the structure does not correspond at all to what I wanted to do.

Esenthel Engine is compatible recently with most operating systems, with the addition last year of support OS X. Mobile devices are not sidelined because the SDK is also compatible with iPhones and iPads and is now also compatible with Android systems. The developer foresee a dedicated console SDK (Xbox 360 and PS3), but do not plan to adapt to the Linux release.

The engine also provides a series of tools, some very classic as tools for updating or a graphing calculator, and some more complex as the editor which is very comprehensive and can even work on the source code project or the data server to work together on a project. The editor is also available for download on GooglePlay and soon on AppleStrore for use in android and Ipad.

The support is effective, relatively quick and if you have a license, you have priority on the support. If it is a technical error due to the SDK It can be adjusted in the day. The forum is open to various questions regarding the engine.

Beware the engine is not perfect, it suffers from a lack of optimization on the rendering phase. Performance is good but could be better.

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