A new website design

I am currently making a site redesign. the content will remain the same, only the style and layout will change. This new version is developed from A to Z using a framework called CakePHP which allows easy management with a code based on the MVC model. This new version will not only easier to use but also easier to evolve and maintain.

I also decided to change the web host, the former server host does not offer sufficient stability for hosting a site, it is admittedly ironic. The site is now hosted at 1and1 a more serious service, efficient and stable. I lose some services exchange faded far by increasing the availability of the servers.

I will also at the same time respond to a question that come up: "why you so often change the design of your site?"

The answer is simple, my son knowledge evolve with technologies, so I need to reflected it on my site, as the old design of the site did not functioned, it was too dark and hard to read. So I take advantage of the implementation of the framework CakePHP the site to change the design of the site, I think it is now more clear and legible.