First shooter ‒ Unamed

First shooter ‒ Unamed

That's it, I put on line the first pictures of my first prototype shooter type game that is also multiplayer. The idea of such a project appeared to me after the Paris Game Week 2011.

For the moment, nothing complex : a server, a client, many people who kill each other the same map.

You can now view a short video of the game, showing some effects and some options already available but I do not show any of the multiplayer modes that are not all ready for the moment but will be soon.

The game is still in development and is incomplete: I still have different game modes to create such as team deathmatch, assault team (taking a position in a team and defend it by the other). I also have to develop several types of maps (office, jungle, city).

I also intend to implement a system that manage success and perhaps levels.

New weapons will be added to the existing (USP, Mossberg, Scar, M9, M4, fragmentation grenade).